About Carmen Freeman

I was born in the Southern Part of Germany, in Baden-Württemberg. After my 'Abitur' at a local Gymnasium, I studied Food Technology at the University of Munich/Weihenstephan and finished with an engineer's degree. Four years later, I finished my PhD thesis in Engineering/Food Technology.
During my school years, I have studied English and French as foreign languages. I continued learning English during the time of my PhD studies and was fortunate to find a job with an international flavor (for foods) company in Switzerland. Dealing with customers worldwide, I had to sharpen my French for our customers in France. After five and a half years in Switzerland, I was relocated to the United States for a position limited to three years.
During this time, I met my American husband and decided to stay in the United States.

German Tutor / Translator / Speaker

* Since 2002, I have been tutoring German for children, adults and employees of international companies. I enjoy teaching German students of all levels.
* On Saturday mornings, I teach the advanced adult class of the German School Association, of which I have been the Principal from May 2006 to May 2010.
* From September 2006 to June 2012, I contribute a radio piece about an interesting German subject to the German radio show "Hitparade" hosted by Alfred Goerlich on WGNU 920 on every third Saturday of the month.
* Presentation "German Holidays and Customs" at the German Special Interest Group of the Genealogical Society, St. Louis, July 2010,
* Podiums Discussion on "Translation of old German script. At the meeting of the German Special Interest Group of the Genealogical Society, St. Louis, September 2010.

Deutscher Witz
Saying of the Month
Your Teacher/Translator and Testimonials
Eine Mäusefamilie ist auf der Flucht vor einer Katze. Als die Katze die Mäuse fast eingeholt hat, macht der Mäusevater laut "wau, wau". Der Kater stoppt und haut ab. Stolz sagt der Mäusevater zu seinen Kindern: "Seht Ihr, es ist eben sehr nützlich, wenn man Fremdsprachen kann."
"Messer, Gabel, Schere, Licht
sind für kleine Kinder nicht."

"Knive, fork, scissors, light
are not for small children."

An proverb a parent might utter if  a young child demands one of these things.



Thank you so much for helping us prepare for our March 2008 trip to Vienna and Lower Austria! - Carolyn M.

I just wanted to let you know that Brett is doing great in German 2. He is getting an A plus so far! He has an average of 100 % - Marie D.

Thanks for understanding my scheduling restraints. It is a privilege to study with you. Jospeh S.


Thank you very much for your excellent service - timewise and cost! - Harry S.

Again, thank you. It is so nice to learn of these people. I am always excited to know more. Great job! - Annette C.

I can not thank enough for all you have given me in my research including the translations. - Wally K.