• You can learn German
  • You set the speed of learning
  • You learn in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Your learning style preferences are incorporated into the lessons
  • Your teacher is patient, knowledgable, friendly and fun.
Guiding Principles
All German Lessons are held in Standard High German.
Most lessons are based on books following the European Standard of Language Learning. These books are bought by the student and provide material for one to two years of learning. Beginner and intermediate students will learn all basic language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is an option to shift the majority of the emphasis on conversation for advanced students.

All lessons are tailored to the student’s needs and his/her basic knowledge of grammar. It is not unusual and very helpful to have a grammar concept explained first with an example in English. Many students experience that they understand the grammar of their mother language for the first time by learning a second language.

Lessons and Tutoring for Adults
All ages and skill levels can benefit from private lessons. During the lessons, you learn: speaking, listening, reading and grammar. Most written exercises (homework) are done at home. Allow time for studying vocabulary and reviewing the grammar on your own during the week.

You have an important influence on the speed of your progress. Students who spend twice a week 30 to 60 minutes at home studying are almost twice as fast as students relying completely on the tutor lesson itself. However both student types will be accommodated and will learn.

Tutoring for Children
Experience shows that most parents like to have their children tutored at home. Especially young children (3-12 years) like the comfort of their home. Older children do well in either setting.

German as a Second Language for Children
* Every child benefits from learning a second language. It is possible to introduce children to a second language at a very young age. They learn easily while playing, listening to stories, coloring or doing small craft projects.

*Children older than six years can be introduced to and benefit from more formal learning and reading and writing. Books, appropriate to the age level, are used to structure the lessons.

* Children in Middle or High School benefit from additional tutoring to improve their grades and skill.

Bilingual Children
Bilingual children usually have a strong language and a weaker language. The strong language is used with their friends and at school (English) and the weaker language is the one used with their parents at home (German). Although the children are fluent in German on daily topics, they lack more sophisticated vocabulary commonly acquired at school. The children’s fluency in verbal expression is also seldom matched by their writing, reading and grammar skill.

These skills however become extremely important if the family plans to return to Germany or plans on sending their child to a German university*. A private tutor can help to improve your child’s reading, writing and grammar skills.

Tutoring for Businesses
Owners, managers and employees enjoy learning a language inside the company without the hassle of driving to a school. The teacher conveniently comes to your/their place of business. Language learning is motivating and fun amongst one’s colleagues and adds to a company’s attractiveness.

One-on-one lessons at your company
Owners of a company or managers may choose to take one-on-one lessons tailored to their specific needs. Depending on your needs you may learn everyday German or start off with specific books teaching business German primarily. Advanced speakers can benefit from business lessons developed by the teacher herself, based on several years of experience of teaching business executives. 

German group lessons at your company
Do you have employees who would like to start learning German and/or can start from a similar German language level? A group lesson might just be the right choice. Friendly competition and a relaxed, fun atmosphere make for great learning and provide a motivating group experience.

*Children who finish High School in the United States and plan to study in Germany have to pass a demanding language test before they are admitted to a German University as a full-time student.

Your tutor tailors your German learning to you.

We will have good laughs and a lot of fun.

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